Her Circle Ezine: International Women’s Day events

HCE_IWD.jpgHer Circle Ezine – a webzine dedicated to women’s arts and literature is organising a number of events for the weekend of International Women’s Day. IWD itself is on 8 March and HCE’s programme will run from the Saturday before (5 March) up to and including Tuesday 8 March. Here’s a brief summary of the events:

Starting off HCE’s self-exploratory theme that will run throughout the year is artist Kay Chernush with her exhibition Self Examination. Here, Chernush paints a touching and harrowing picture of what it is to be diagnosed with breast cancer and to survive it. Her photographic style compliments this work perfectly to make it that bit more personal and moving. Juxtaposing medical reports with powerful photographic imagery and small excerpts of text, we are given an insight into her own struggle with the disease. With the figures for breast cancer diagnosis rising from 1 in 9 women to 1 in 8 women in their lifetime, this is a frighteningly relevant piece about the strength it is possible to have in such dark times.

Kay Chernush closes the events for the International Women’s Day Festival with a Visual Artist Talk on Tuesday March 8 at 7:00pm EST.

Hot Topic is a series of 60 paintings that portray each person mentioned in the Le Tigre song of the same name. The song is a tribute to feminist heroes of all stripes: artists, activists, writers, musicians and others. Many of the people in the song have strongly influenced my own development as an artist and activist but are relatively unknown outside of certain subcultures. In a world that celebrates Britney Spears but forgets the names of suffragists, I wanted to find a way to solidify the memory of the underground superstars whose creativity and ideas have made such a difference to feminists of my generation” – Kirsten McCrea, 2008.

Kirsten McCrea fronts HCE’s first ever Virtual Artist Talk during the International Women’s Day Festival on Sunday March 6, 3:00pm EST/8:00pm GMT.

CIRCUMNAVIGATION is an online event designed to get you interacting with your environment in new and interesting ways. Anyone can experiment with this, regardless of where you are and who you might be. Whether this floats your boat or not one thing is for sure; if you choose to take part in the CIRCUMNAVIGATION event this March, you will end up viewing the world in a whole new way whether your destination is a desert island or a traffic island.

Drawing on influences from relational art practices and the Fluxus movement (which turned attention to the “city as a canvas” and came up with games in relation to this), CIRCUMNAVIGATION is a direct response to the virtual relationships of the internet and our use of space in the real world. Taking instruction via live twitter feed, you will follow our directions on a “map” of your own creation. Following the event, submitted ‘maps’ will be posted to the Studio HCE Gallery for all to enjoy in HCE’s CIRCUMNAVIGATION exhibition.

Choosing your own starting point be it your place of work, your local supermarket, your favourite bar or your own front door, you will be guided via another’s influence to discover a whole new world within your familiar home place.

To take off on your own circumnavigatory adventure, all you will need is access to a live twitter feed and something to document your journey with.

Taking part in this event is 100% free and open to all but you will have to follow HCE on twitter @HerCircleEzine and don’t forget to submit your entry to HCS at [email protected]


Edited, 9 February: Dates in first paragraph corrected; added link to IWD website