Quick hit: Interview with Mozn Hassan, director of Nazra for Feminist Studies in Cairo

sarahcarrwomanprotestor.jpgMozn Hassan, director of Nazra for Feminist Studies, talked on the phone with Ma Ma Cash about the protests in Egypt. From the interview:

Could you describe the situation? And in all this chaos, how is the situation for women and girls?

“The situation is becoming more violent as we speak. But we are here and we are not going anywhere! And women are here! When I look around me I see that about 50 percent of us are women. We are not sexually harassed. There is no specific violence directed at women. Men and women protest together for a common goal: freedom, equality, and democracy.

Women are not just playing a traditional role in this conflict as care givers. Even women who have never been politically involved whatsoever are now deciding what actions should take place. They have come into the frontline.”

Read the whole thing here.

(Via @GlobalFundWomen)

Photo of a woman protester in Cairo by Sarah Carr, shared under a Creative Commons license. Via Colorlines