Thin = / = fit, and vice versa

I had to link to this great piece in the Guardian by Homa Khaleeli, mostly because I had a similar experience when I joined my new gym in the autumn.

I’ve been running relatively seriously for three years, completing two half-marathons as well as a 10k and several 5ks. I’ve recently had to stop because of a bad injury to my left knee because of my hypermobility, which means (combined with stupid PCOS) that I’ve put a little bit of weight on from my running weight.

When I went for my gym induction, the personal trainer asked me what my goals were, after weighing and measuring me. I told him I wanted to recover from my injury, improve my running technique, and get back to full fitness. He then proceeded to suggest lots of weight-loss exercises for me, having looked me up and down and commented, “Your arms and legs are slim!” (They’re not, particularly – I’d say they were muscular but perhaps they look “slim.) I kept reiterating that I didn’t want to lose weight as a goal. I might as well not have bothered. And I was too crushed about his insistence that I needed to be thinner to complain.

Anyone had similar experiences? The Guardian commenters seem to…

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