Weekly round-up, February 21st 2011

Morning all, here’s our regular round-up of links we’ve been sent or stumbled across and not had time to blog. As always, usual disclaimers apply…

TRIGGER WARNING: This post contains hyperlinks to external websites and blogs, some of which have comment threads and other material which some people may find triggering. The links here are posted in good faith but, as The F-Word has no control over the content of external sites, readers are advised to use their discretion and approach them with due caution.

DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER CLAUSE: The inclusion of any link in this post should not be construed as agreement or disagreement with its content by anyone at The F-Word. Links are posted for information and/or discussion purposes only and do not reflect any form of ‘official TFW party line’ on any subject because there is no ‘official TFW party line’.

Enjoy! And if there’s something we’ve missed, feel free to link in the comments.

Feminism v Environmentalism

Severe restrictions proposed for Afghan women’s shelters

Catcaller form – The Riot

Truck-Loving Girls and Ballet-Dancing Boys: Why Raising Ungendered Kids Isn’t so Simple

Gendering poetry for the next generation

Hidden Marks – NUS website for female students who have experienced violence

Series of YouTube videos on Uganda women’s rights

Egypt’s harassed women need their own revolution

Glee and football and why girls can’t play

In Latin America, new ads aim to steer men away from machismo

I’m a bigger asian slut than you

Unsung Heroes: Nellie Bly

Where are all the female reviewers?

Lara Logan, Foreign Correspondents, and Sexual Abuse

Hisaye Yamamoto, short-story author, dies

ENOUGH! Online ‘corrective rape’ campaigns & petitions

Team Katniss!

New funding for women songwriters

The compatibility of cats and masculinity

Why I’m fat-positive

Sex is dangerous. Again.

Call for papers: 20 years of the Women’s History Network

The welfare reform bill will trap abused women in their violent hell

Call for writers: feminism and education

Crooked Rib publishing is live!

Equality on the frontline is the only way

What not to say about Lara Logan

Kirstie Allsopp: Stigma surrounding Caesareans ‘has to stop’

UK lags behind Nordic nations in equality for female executives

Rediscovering WWII’s female ‘computers’

Women still face a glass ceiling

Surf’s Way Up for Women Going Pro as Wave Riders

On The Straw-Feminist in Scientific Critiques

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