Would you like to attend our birthday party?

Birthday Cake

The F Word’s tenth – I say TENTH – anniversary birthday party is coming up in March and we are preparing our celebrations!

All past and current contributors should have received an invitation to our party in London on the 19th March. If you are a contributor and you think you should have received an invite but you haven’t, send your name and email address to catherine [at] thefword.org.uk (many of you will have changed your email addresses since you contributed you cheeky people!)

We’d now love to open up our birthday party to our lovely readers, who have also contributed so much to the success of the site. So, if you fancy attending our birthday bash on Saturday 19th March (accessible Central London venue, free entry (donation gratefully received to cover costs), optional vegetarian buffet), please email me at catherine [at] thefword.org.uk with your name and tell me why you want to attend the party or what impact The F Word has had on your life. We will try to fit in as many of you as we can.

It would be great to be able to celebrate with you in person, after all we do this all for you! Yes YOU!

Stay tuned for more information about our birthday celebrations.

Photo by Will Clayton – creative commons