An open letter to Cameron, Clegg, May and Featherstone

Via email from Sian Norris:

I am writing to ask you, as feminists living in the UK, to sign a letter I am writing to Cameron, Clegg, May and Featherstone, regarding the funding cuts to domestic violence support service providers, and the post to combat female genital mutilation. I believe we cannot stand by as the government cut money that saves the lives of women, and provides help and support to some of the most vulnerable women in the country. Therefore I am writing to tell the government about what these cuts mean, and why they cannot happen. And I am asking the leaders to stand by Theresa May’s pledge of ‘actions, not words’ with a promise to donate to the leading charities themselves.

However, I am just one woman, one voice. We need many voices to show the government that they must not do this. So I am asking if you will sign the letter I have written in support of the statement we are making against these cuts. One woman can be ignored. A lot of us are harder to ignore.

Please email me your name if you would like to sign the letter, or leave a comment on my blog with your name, and I will add you to what will hopefully be a very long list of names.

And please spread it around your networks where you can, and encourage other women and men to sign up.

In sisterhood,


Sian has written more on her blog sian and crooked rib (trigger warning)


Edited to add: You can leave your name in comments on Sian’s blog, or email her at [email protected] or contact her on Twitter