Guest Bloggers for April

As you may know, the F-word has guest bloggers that come on a month by month basis. This month I’m introducing two new guest bloggers for the month of April.

Please welcome Melanie Jeffs!

Melanie is a multi-talented person. She’s studied as a herbalist and has worked in grassroots lesbian charities. She has also worked as a prison officer in a women’s prison and quickly saw the plight of women in the criminal justice system. Now she is working in the Nottingham’s voluntary sector and is a major lobbyist on women’s issues. Melanie is living with her partner of 4 years with their two teenage children. As she puts it “Having children in my life has been a real eye-opener as I never expected that to happen. It’s also made me acutely aware of the pressures on young girls in our modern society. My feminist values were instilled in me by my mother, a fiery and dynamic role model as I was growing up.”

Please welcome Tracey Plowman!

Tracey Plowman is a polyamorous writer and activist living in Guildford with two other knitting addicts and a menagerie of pets. Her masters research on female genital cosmetic surgery has now been published in international journal ‘Reproductive Health Matters’. She writes constructive rants for Global Tolerance and overviews of sexuality research for Bi Community News in her capacity as a founding member of BiUK.

While Melanie and Tracey will be blogging, I will be moderating comments.