Weekly round-up and open thread

Hello! Here are the first weekly round-up and open thread for April. As always, please remember that linking doesn’t equal endorsement. If you think we’ve missed anything out, do feel free to post in the comments.

How to Write an Article About Older Women With Eating Disorders for The New York Times (the hairpin)

Teen soccer star Indi Cowie is amazing (Feministing)

Drugged, raped, then jailed for ‘adultery’ (Brisbane Times)

Rape is not a compliment (Guardian)

Female Circumcision Prevention post abolished by government (Guardian)

Is Locking Up Pregnant Women the New Cure for State Financial Woes and Mental Health Problems? (RH Reality Check)

Daily Mail’s ad revenues fall (Pickled Politics)

Knee-Squeezing Twits at MPAA Won’t Tolerate Idea of a Woman Having Sex With Jon Hamm in a PG-13 Movie… Unless He Forces Her! (figleaf’s Real Adult Sex)

Voluntary female quotas do not work, Norway says (euobserver.com)

Ugandan women tricked into domestic slavery in Iraq (BBC World News)

Sex discrimination rife in IT, says report (Computer Weekly)

The race to medicate women’s pleasure (Lunapads)

Egypt woman activist announces presidential candidacy (Bikyamasr)