Weekly Roundup and Open Thread [April 11th 2011]

Hiya folks!

It’s your weekly roundup and open thread!

Please remember these are links that we’ve found over the week and do not express the opinion of the collective at The F-word. Here we go!

1. Comment is anything but “free” at the Guardian (Womesviewonnews.org)

2. Lack of women standing for devolved parliaments

3. The symbol of Eman al-Obeidi (Muslimah Media Watch)

4. Slut Shame: Why Do We Still Attack Women for Having Sex? (AlterNet)

5. The Muslim Sisterhood: Visions of Female Identity in the New Egypt (Spiegel Online International)

6. Gendered Language in TV Toy Commercials (Sociological Images)

7. Raped Policeman never thought he’d be a victim (Guardian)

8. The deconstruction of indulgence (NSFW)

9.Where Have All The Grrrls Gone? (Juke Box Heroines)

10. Children of older women ‘fare better’ (The Independent)

11. Study finds facial structures between men and women has become more similar over time (Smithsonian Science)

12. Free Gender: supporting older lesbians (Black Looks)

13. Forget chocolate on Valentine’s Day, try semen, says Surgery News editor. Retraction, resignation follow (Retraction Watch)

14. Anorexic women targeted by ‘super-skinny’ porn websites (Guardian)

15. ‘Give me your name and address or I’ll rape you’: the reality of Corrib policing (Indymedia Ireland)

16. Idaho House passes abortion bill (Spokesman) < >

17. Aging out Miss Marple (Meloukhia)

18. Women addicted to internet Pornography (Guardian)

19. Gendercide in India. India’s sex ratio is getting worse. The trend can be reversed. (Economists)

20. Report on BAME lone mothers (Women’s Grid)

21. In Memoriam: Plain(s)feminist

22. Kittywampus has a tribute to her (linked above)

23. “We have a new young people’s campaign @thefworduk and we’d love you to join it and spread the word @BeSexPositive http://tinyurl.com/4a74of4” (Brook)

24. The scary reality of a real-life Barbie Doll (Huffington Post)

25. Friday Feel Good Video of the Day (Feministing)

26. Company that Locked Woman in the Raped Woman in Container Named “Top Employer for Woman” (Jezebel)

27. From the Library: Kel Karpinski on Books Written by and for Latina and Latin American Women (Bitch Media)

28. Electro Feminisms: An Introduction (Bitch Magazine)

29. Ban on lap-dancing in Square Mile ‘will not change laddish culture‘ (London Evening Standard)

30. Graphic Ladies features the work of ladies who create and critique comics.

31. French burka ban: police arrest two veiled women (Telegraph)

32. We Women Warriors Documentary (VivirLatino)

33. Violence, resistance and protest (GlobalComment)

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