A quick reminder…

[Image of a yellow warning triangle with a black exclamation mark.]

… to all those arguing in various places on and offline in relation to Slutwalk that women who dress in a certain way are asking – either implicitly or explicitly – for sexual attention:

1) Women are “supposed” to look attractive all the time, otherwise we’ve failed as women, so making assumptions about a woman’s desire for sexual attention based on her clothing is a complete non-starter. (I’ve gone looking in jeans, vest, hairy pits and no make-up, how does that factor in to your equation?)

2) If a woman has dressed a certain way because she’s out on the pull, the correct way to ascertain this fact and react to it – should you be interested in being her pullee – is to have a chat and see if she’s interested. It isn’t grabbing her arse on the dance floor, continuing to bug her when she’s clearly not into you, or raping her.

Is that clear? OK, carry on.

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