Interview – Women in rock: Tamar-kali


headphones.jpgMetal and rock and punk are still dominated by mostly white, mostly male bands (or at least that’s the popular image of those scenes and the most commercially successful bands). What do you think about women’s position in the music industry in this genre these days? What has your experience been like?

Sexism is real and the constant marginalising of women in these genres runs rampant. That’s why the DIY spirit of punk rock is so important.

I’ve come to a place where I respond with focus as opposed to anger now. Focusing on how to grow myself as an artist through collaborating with other artists and looking for different outlets through which to present my work.

There will always be the sound guy who defers to the male presences even though my name is on the stage plot and sound rider, the audience members that big up the musicians I work with for writing the songs and people who will tune right out as soon as they hear my vocals over those hard riffs but my existence can’t be denied and I’ll keep rockin’ :)

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