Introducing… the new-look F-Word

fireworks.jpgNotice anything different?

Yep, that’s right! The long-awaited F-Word redesign went live this morning… We hope you love the new site as much as we do. It’s great to be able to unveil the new design in 2011, which is The F-Word’s 10th birthday. (If you came to our party in March, you got a sneak-preview…)

It’s two years since I first posted about redesigning The F-Word on this blog. It’s taken some serious time to get to this point, and the work of a lot of people. The first stage was looking for a really amazing designer, and finally finding Quilted. Many thanks to Ben and Caitlin at Quilted, who came up with and finessed the design and bore with us through many long Skype chats as we worked to get it right.

Then we had to fundraise the money to pay for the new site: we couldn’t have done this without the amazing people who donated to the fundraising pot.

Massive thanks also goes out to Andrew, who volunteered long hours implementing the site redesign, and put up with hundreds of emails from me with subject lines like “problem”, “glitch”, “small issue” and “can we change…?”, with admirable patience.

Jess & Cath blow candles out at The F-Word's 10th birthday partyWe hope that all those glitches are ironed out now, but it’s likely that some tweaking will be necessary in the coming days – if you spot anything, please do email me to let me know.

You might spot some other changes as well… we’ve rolled out moderated, ‘live-ish’ comments to features and reviews, so you won’t have to wait until the end of each month to see what readers have to say and get involved in the discussions. We’ve also introduced commenter registration: you can create an account on The F-Word, or for easy access you can log in using Facebook or Twitter.

And we’ve made it easier to share our stories on these bigger social media platforms, a much-requested feature :-)

But mostly this is about a clean, modern design that does the content of The F-Word justice. Thanks again to all involved…

Photo of me and Catherine blowing out the candles on The F-Word cake shared by me on Flickr. Photo of epic fireworks by… Epic Fireworks, shared on Flickr under a Creative Commons license