Women spoke out


My stint as a guest blogger is now over but, before I sign off, I just wanted to thank the collective and everyone who has engaged with my posts over the last month.

I also wanted to use my final post as an opportunity to plug the report from Women Speak Out. This was a UK feminist discussion project which started just over a year ago (as mentioned here). Jessica and Michelle have now compiled a summary of the discussions from around the country into a booklet which you can download from their website here. It makes for an interesting read.

What I think is important to take from this project (and others like it) is the need to take feminist discourse into the mainstream, engaging with people from different backgrounds and with different life experiences. It’s all too easy for us to talk to each other about feminist theory however, I believe, we also need to talk to (and listen to) people who would not necessarily consider themselves feminist but certainly have views to share on what it means to be a women in modern society. That’s partly what I’ve tried to do in my blogs over the last month.

Anyway, thanks again for having me and feel free to keep in touch – I’m on Twitter (@MelJeffs) and I’ll still be lurking around on here…