A big welcome to June’s guest blogger, Harri C. Weeks

Can I introduce you to June’s guest blogger?

Harri C. Weeks is a Socialist Queer Feminist Killjoy, Crafter, Sometime Trans activist, and Aspirant House-husband/Homemaker. He volunteered as Trans Students’ Rep for NUS LGBT for two years, and currently has a nine to five desk job which is completely unrelated to his MA in gender, but is keeping his hand in with the role of Trans Rep on UNISON’s National LGBT Committee and by frequently complaining to the whole office about People Being Wrong On The Internet. Harri lives in London with his fiancee, with whom he’s working to live in a more intentional, ethical and ‘green’ way.

He’s currently learning BSL and rapidly becoming a big fan of roller derby.

Look out for Harri’s posts in the coming weeks…!

Photo of balloons by Naoya Fujii, shared on Flickr under a Creative Commons license

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