Have you used a faith-based public service?


Correction made on 26 July 2011 (see first comment below).

In May 2011, the launch of the Sexual Education and Relationships Council was announced. Founding members of this council include the anti-abortion groups Right to Life and Life, along with the pro-abstinence Silver Ring Thing.

Masters Human Rights graduate, Lindie Heeralall, from Birkbeck College is writing a feature article about religious organisations being funded to provide public services and would like to interview people who have had personal experience of using a faith-based sexual health or other public service.

The main aim is to reveal whether religion in public service does or does not make any difference to the client experience and whether faith organisations are able to deliver equitable, good quality, non-judgemental support to people of all backgrounds.

Lindie has also stated that views can be presented anonymously if required and that newspapers will be approached for publication on completion of the article.

You can e-mail religionandhealth[at]gmail.com for more details.

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