The F-Word July Playlist


July’s playlist is now up on Spotify! We’ve also shared it via

I won’t preempt your enjoyment too much by explaining every single choice but one track I’d like to highlight is Taste of Honey’s Boogie Oogie Oogie. I’ve chosen to feature it because it was reportedly inspired when Janice Marie Johnson improvised the lyrics to an unresponsive and chauvinistic audience:

If you’re thinking that you’re too cool to boogie

(Boy have I) got news for you

Everyone here tonight must boogie

And (let me tell you) you are no exception to the rule

The Crown by Gary Byrd and the G.B Experience is another one worth checking out if you don’t already know it. Spotify doesn’t have the 12 inch version so here’s the track in its full glory on Youtube:

You’ll also find Pinball Number Count by The Pointer Sisters, a song I’ve heard many people describe as their introduction to funk! Here’s a taster for those of you not on Spotify:

The following are bonus tracks that aren’t yet available on Spotify. First of all, we have an early cut from Neneh Cherry:

…And last but not least, here’s Kim Carnes’ version of the song Looker, from the sci-fi movie of the same name:

Photo of four girls DJ’ing by brookesb taken from the Girls Rock Philly collection and shared under a Creative Commons Licence.