Bank Holiday Paste Up: Mostly music

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Welcome to the mainly music Bank Holiday paste up, usual rules apply: lots of links, and the contents do not necessarily reflect the views of the author of this entry, or the site generally. Please don’t shoot the messenger…

Firstly, Wears The Trousers have been loving Maluca and the PartySquad’s ‘Lola (Ging Danga)’ and upon watching the video, I became equally transfixed, so I thought I’d pass it on. Incidentally, before you can say ‘Lady Gaga has a lot to answer for!’ Charlotte Richardson at WTT has pointed out here that Maluca did the cans in the hair bit first…

On a very different note, Lucy Whitman, neé Lucy Toothpaste, punk fanzine writer, journalist and author and Debi Withers, musician, author, self publisher and a representative of the Women’s Liberation Music Archive will both be speaking as part of Rachel House’s Feminist Disco at Camberwell Art College, Peckham, London.

Each day during her Fine Art MA show, Feminist Disco, Rachael House will be DJing with singles played on dansette record players. As part of Feminist Disco Rachael has invited guests to perform, DJ and speak, putting the ‘disco’ into ‘discourse’. All events are free and take place in Rachael’s exhibition space in Camberwell Art College, 45-65 Peckham Road, London, SE5 8UF


All welcome.

For more information please contact [email protected]

Apologies- there is no disabled to the Fine Art MA shows.

I am supportive of this event, but perturbed by the lack of disabled access to it.

Debi will be appearing on the 2nd September at 4:30pm, Lucy will be appearing at 3pm on the 3rd September.

Rachael adds: Please Arrive in plenty of time before the events. Murray or Donna will be in the college foyer to meet people 20 minutes before events start, give directions and lead the way.

Meanwhile, Bitch Magazine have an intensely original and articulate post on the film Suckerpunch, which you can read here.

Over at Pussyrock there’s a nice career appraisal of the Lunachicks,and I would always reccomend reading Jane’s excellent essay on the film Times Square.

There’s an odder than usual X Factor related story here (and those are words I never thought I’d type on this blog…)

Tune-Yards is interviewed in The Guardian plus Dolly Parton is on tour and Florence and the Machine are back, meaning so are The Florence Debates…

And lastly, I’d like to introduce you to a nice bit of retro…

Consensus among friends has it that this video was probably filmed in the streets near the old Man City ground (Maine Road) in Manchester.

(Picture of flowers authors own)