Cazz Blase

The F-Word music blog: June 2019

It's the last Friday of the month which means it's F-Word music blog post time. In this month's post there's all the latest info on July's album releases and details of upcoming gigs, not to mention the F-Word music playlist...

The F-Word music blog: March 2019

Hello and welcome to March’s F-Word music blog post! In which I have ploughed through all those female focused emails I was sent on International Women's Day, and resisted the temptation to send a reply headed "Why aren't you bigging up these performers the rest of the year?"...

Stories of the She-Punks

Fed up of not seeing their own experiences and those of their peers represented in accounts of 1970s UK punk, Gina Birch and Helen McCookerybook have made a film that nails the female punk experience. Cazz Blase meets up with them for a chat...

Cazz Blase

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Cazz Blase is a freelance journalist and writer who has written for The F-Word, and other publications, on everything from women and punk to bus regulation in the UK