Weekly round-up and open thread, 15th August 2011

Hello all, and welcome to this week’s round-up post. As always, use the comments to contribute your own links and discuss anything that’s not been covered in more detail on the site this week.

As always, these are just a series of interesting links we’ve spotted or been sent – a link’s inclusion does not mean any of us in the F Word collective necessarily endorse its contents. Don’t shoot the messenger.


Race, Riot Grrl, the Black Rock Movement, and Nirvana: The Teen Espirit Revisited Overflow

In praise of Joanne Rowling’s Hermione Granger series

Why history says gay people can’t marry…nor can anyone else*

Women! Wikipedia needs you

Marina Diamandis explores the corruption of self in new videos

She Got A Big Ego?: Thoughts on Dating with a Doctorate

By Helping a Girl Testify at a Rape Trial, a Dog Ignites a Legal Debate

Woman stands up to rioters in London

Native American Images in Video Games

Riot thoughts

Who speaks for women?

Fundamentalist sect leader jailed for life for sex with child brides

What Do You Mean When You Say You Want ‘Strong Female Characters’?

Zazzle ‘nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’ T-shirt advert banned

Anti-choice counselling: tell your MP to say NO!

Grazia admits digitally slimming Duchess of Cambridge

NAS holds first ever conference on women and ASDs

LGBT People and Domestic Abuse Seminar

UK and London riots: Let’s hear the voice of the youth

Association of Black Women Historians: An Open Statement to the Fans of The Help

Layla’s story: jailed after reporting a sexual assault

Mum of two gets five months for accepting looted shorts

If male superheroes posed like Wonder Woman

Cosmopolitan magazine and ‘grey rape’

“I will not recant”: Excommunicated priest faces dismissal from Maryknoll order for stance on women’s ordination

And picture is of Claire Taylor, England cricketer, who retired last month and who I should have blogged about then – the first woman to be named as one of Wisden’s five players of the year.