Weekly round-up and open thread

As always, we present to you our weekly list of interesting articles we didn’t have time to blog about. Also, feel free to share links and start a conversation on our open thread in the comments section.

Feminist critique of Breivik’s manifesto (On Religion Dispatches)

Are middle-aged local anchorwomen a target for downsizing?

Has film really outgrown racism?

If a Married Lesbian Couple Saves 40 Teens from the Norway Massacre and No One Writes About it, Did it Really Happen?

DC versus Women: everybody wins!

Violence Against Women services are “not a luxury

Quiverfull daughters: The making of a helpmeet (This is pretty disturbing read)

Welcome to the Dollhouse: Men and Beauty Products

Why the IT sector needs more women

Powerful Feminist Acts: Women and Friendship

We’re all mad here: fighting stigma through humour

Sexbots for Women

Forget custard pies – for real political activism, get yourself a Pank-a-squith

Beyonce wants a new name for feminism… she thinks ‘bootylicious

Women at Womad 2011

10-Year-Old Model’s Grown-Up Look: High Fashion or High Risk?

Victims of sex crimes have higher risk for mental health issues

Jasvinder Sanghera on why summer is dangerous for those at risk of forced marriage.

Female Decision-Makers Set to Lose Out in Britain

Disablist language in the Pod Delusion podcast

Five Fat Facts

Eight domestic violence projects lose 100% of their funding for 2011-12

We’re All Mad Here: Race, Gender, and Mental Illness in Pop Culture

Call for submissions: “Gender Identity, Dis/Abilities, and Deaf Identities in Trans Bodies/Selves

If I didn’t have a uterus, or a social conscience, I might even vote for her.

Women forced out of jobs by rising cost of childcare