Dear David Walliams

So, you swam the length of the river Thames to raise a million pounds for poor kids in Africa. What better way to be hailed a national hero? Congratulations.

Sadly, a hero in my eyes you are not.

Just how many millions did you make out of the nasty, spiteful, ageist, classist, transphobic, ableist bullshit that was Little Britain? Why not donate one of those millions to Africa? After all, it’s much easier to mock pensioners with incontinence, trans women and wheelchair users than battle through shit-infused waters for days on end.

You might be giving with one hand (flipper?), but you’ve spent years taking away with the other, fuelling prejudices that are at the heart of the discrimination, violence and poverty experienced by thousands of people across this country every day.

So excuse me if my congratulations come across as a tad insincere; I just don’t think you deserve any better.

Image by Nesster, shared under a Creative Commons licence.

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