Weekly roundup and open thread

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Welcome to this week’s round-up of links to stories we didn’t quite get around to blogging about! Please dig in, also feel free to leave more links in the comments and have a general chat.

As always, linking to a particular blog post or story does not imply endorsement.

1) When the Tories Went Too Far: The Abortion Amendment (New Left Project)

2) Just Like a Woman. On Jane Austen’s brand of sentimental education. (Los Angelas Review Of Books)

3) Why women will prove vital in the battle against poverty (Guardian)

4) Liam Fox backs Nadine Dorries over plan to cut number of abortions (The Independent)

5) FactCheck: Nadine Dorries steps up abortion row (Channel 4 News)

6)Disabled groups seek change in sex education law (The Post.IE)

7) Royal liverpool Hospital inquiry into ‘usual rubbish’ advert (BBC News)

8) Female insolvencies hit record levels (Guardian)

9)Everyone Can Promote Equality in Genre Writing (SFX)

10)Female Prayer leaders and Islamic Feminism (Gender Across Borders)

11) Equal pay battle heads to the supreme court (Guardian)

12) 100 powerful (unseen) women – final list published (Womensgrid)

13) Human rights group unite against forced sterilisation of five women with disability (Mental Disability Advocacy Center)

14) Canadian radio station to hold ‘Win a Wife’ context (Women’s Views on News)

15)The (Tattooed) Beauty Myth (Penandinked)

16) Female blogger threatened with defamation suit for writing about TSA ‘Rape” (Forbes)

17) Patti Smith reads Virgina Woolf (Dangerous Minds)

18) Women compete better when they are in teams, research finds (Guardian)

19) Classism and Eating Disorders (Womanist Musings)

20) More women in Eastern Africa delaying sex, marriage as schooling chances improve (The East African)

21) The Evolution of Ape-Face Johnson (Hairpin)

22)Nadine Dorries storms out of PMQs after David Cameron quip (Guardian)

23) MPs reject call to change abortion advice (BBC News)

24) Wimmin! Know your place! labour sisters to oust men in women-only session at party conference. (The Independent)

25) Equal pay battle heads to the supreme court (Guardian)

26) Women with Wrenches (New York Times)

27) With Dim Lights: On Feminism and Virtue (Tiger Beatdown)

To close off this week’s weekly roundup with a video. Presenting the King Blues’ “5 Bottles of Shampoo”. Enjoy.

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