Weekly round-up and open thread

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Welcome to this week’s round-up and open thread. The following are links that we have found that might interest you. If you have found anything that you think others will enjoy please add links in the comments section. As usual, please note that a link here doesn’t imply endorsement or agreement, and some links may be triggering.

Arab Women’s Association forms political party (Egypt.com News)

Dadpreneur (systemsthinkingforgirls.com)

First name unwanted. Second name, Dad’s or Husband’s name. (Indianhomemaker)

Spain’s stolen babies and the families who lived a lie (BBC)

The Unbelievers New Atheism and the Old Boys’ Club (Bitchmagazine)

Margareta Pagano: Why the ‘only women in the boardroom’ just don’t get it (Independent)

Children lost from care in human trafficking cases (Guardian)

Nobel Peace Prize Winner: New Media Empowers Women (Mashable)

Naomi Wolf arrested at Occupy Wall Street protest in New York (Guardian)

Psychologists debunk 6 common gender essentialist myths about sexulaity (Feministing)

Critique of the World Bank’s World Development Report on Gender Equality and Development (LSE)

Scandal of trafficked women held in UK (London Evening Standard)

Why did the BBC broadcast a clip comparing sex education teachers to paedophiles? (Guardian)

Snapping pics of sleeping woman’s breasts ‘not a crime’ (The Local)

Hitatchi banned across Europe! (lovehoney)

Victorian vibrators may be a myth (Leslayahall.net)

Twitter teacher hounded (Teen:Dreaming)

ACLU releases documents alleging sexual abuse of female detainees (LA Times)

‘Occupy’ memo could discourage victims from reporting assaults (Baltimore Sun)

Occupy Baltimore’s response to the story

Tattooed Barbie doll is ‘overly-sexualised and inappropriate’, say parents (Yahoo)

A Coconut Cake From Emily Dickinson: Reclusive Poet, Passionate Baker (NPR food blog)

The IoS Pink List 2011 (Independent)

Tunisia’s election through the eyes of women (Al Jazeera English)

UN expert calls for integration of gender perspective into criminal justice systems (UN News Centre)

‘Unwanted’ Indian girls get new start in name ceremony (BBC World News)

Asexual Awareness Week, 23-29 October

285 Indian girls shed ‘unwanted’ names (USA Today)

Why computer voices are mostly female (CNN)

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