Music paste up

Emeli Sande.jpg

It’s that end of the year when things start to heat up, musically speaking. I don’t know if it’s the Christmas rush to get an album out, or if it’s because the new intake have arrived at the Universities and it’s therefore gig time, but

autumn has always seemed to be a busy time, musically speaking…

So, first off here’s the video to the new Emeli Sandé single, ‘Daddy’, which I really like. I also loved ‘Heaven’, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what she accomplishes in 2012 as these two singles have been just breathtaking.

Earlier in the week I was talking about radio with a friend of mine, and we were comparing our experiences as 6 Music listeners: One of us listening in the daytime, one in the evening. As the daytime shows make use of the 6 Music playlist and the evening shows don’t, it meant that – unlike him – I have yet to be exposed to Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’. Pitchfork have an interesting article on Del Rey, which you can read here, which discusses her image, particularly her use – or her ‘people’s use – of Lolita as a reference. If you want to see the video to ‘Video Games’, please click here.

As said friend pointed out, there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with the song, it’s just basically a very good pastiche of Nancy Sinatra, and a couple of other artists, but sheer repetition on the playlist has made him a tad weary of it. Personally speaking I found the song a tad masochistic and the video offbeat enough to be interesting and, ultimately, thought it was a good pastiche.

Over on a different section of the ‘moody’ and ‘atmospheric’ scale are Glasgow’s The Moth & The Mirror, whose debut album is out now. Featuring Arab Strap’s Stacey Sievewright, the bits I’ve heard sound a bit like late period Delgados. You can listen to the album on Bandcamp. or visit Olive Grove Records by clicking here.

At the quirky folk end of things is Fiona Bevan, who has just released an E.P ‘Us and the darkness’. The following rather gory video is for a track from that E.P. Enjoy… but probably not just after lunch.

For more info on Fiona, please click here.

There’s a very interesting piece on The Guardian about the changing nature of music fandom, which you can read here.

And for anyone who wanted more shouty following this months playlist, you might be interested in The Coathangers, who have a new E.P out, a track from which you can hear here.

Or there’s the always excellent Shonen Knife doing The Ramones ‘Blitzreig Bop’.

Cautionary notice: I did try to find a clip that was as good in quality as the one below, but which didn’t have relentless flashing lights on it. I didn’t manage it so must advise that no one with epilepsy watch this clip. Sorry, will try to do better next time.