Weekly round-up and open thread

And as usual, every Monday we publish a collection of links to news and articles we didn’t have time to blog about. We do not necessarily endorse the articles or websites we’ve listed here, but they are definitely worth reading. Also, use the comments section to post interesting links you’ve found or begin a discussion about things on your mind at the moment. Enjoy!

audre lorde mastertools.jpg

Genderswap your world using a new Chrome extension, Jailbreak the Patriarchy.

How Barnet Council tried to criminalise all bloggers (via Liberal Democracy).

Shows and no-shows: The London Mayoral Candidates’ feminist debate at Fem 11 last Saturday.

Will Afghanistan learn that cross-dressers are not criminals?

Liverpool becomes the first UK city to have gay street signs.

The Guardian does a profile on Gloria Steinem: “I think we need to get angrier.”

The truth about life as a lap-dancer.

Exceptions, a new blog highlighting the online abuse that bloggers can face.

Brook and FPA launch UK Sexual Health Awards – Davina McCall to host Awards ceremony.

Steps towards a real fat intervention.

This is just sick. Trans girl suspended from high school for using wrong bathroom.

On stopping police and DAs from using condoms to convict sex workers.

Help for women in Sheffield’s red light area. (via BBC News)

Highlands’ rioting women could gain greater recognition. (Via BBC News)

In defense of the Spice Girls.

You can’t fight child abuse without fighting ableism.

Drawing All Faiths Together – Against Sexual Freedom.

Time to end pelvic exams done without consent.

Turkey: Domestic violence at new high.

The latest ESRC research on migrant workers in the UK sex industry.

Scandinavian lingerie firm ‘forces’ staff to reveal bra measurements on name tag. (Via Daily Mail Online)

Dinosaur comics takes on gender neutral pronouns.

Sterilised Roma woman wins human rights appeal.

The Guardian discusses the new Channel 4 reality documentary series about a group of trans people sharing their experiences of transition.

Eugenics all over again: Survivors speak out about North Carolina sterilisation programme that targeted women of colour and young rape survivors.

Despite the barrage of some very depressing news above, here’s hoping you have a wonderful week ahead nonetheless!

Image shows a drawn cut-out cartoon image of Audre Lorde and a word bubble above her, saying “The master tools will never dismantle the master’s house!” The image is courtesy of gaelx under a Creative Commons license.