Weekly round-up and open thread


Here’s a collection of interesting links we didn’t have time to blog about this weeks – feel free to add your own in comments!

Disclaimer: Some content may be triggering. Linking does not imply endorsement.

H&M puts real model heads on fake bodies – Jezebel

Police violently strip an Occupy Melbourne protester of her tent costume:

The morning after pill is free over Christmas – Women’s Views on News

Last night my friend was raped – ladieswotlunch

Hilary Clinton speaks to the UN on LGBT rights:

Jana’s story:

Intersectionality is not optional – This Ain’t Livin’

Are sex offenders and lads’ mags using the same language? – Middlesex University

Killers of transgender people to get longer sentences – BBC

‘Gay’ penguin pair adopts a baby chick in China – Time

Why women don’t like appearing on TV – Guardian

A tragic case of medical misconduct – Dr Petra

Women’s work? Women’s strike! Bright Green

I am who I am: children and gender identity (in life & art) – Open Salon

Who wrote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? – Open Democracy

Miss-conception – Restored

Safe spaces? – Lashings of Ginger Beer

New helpline support for rape victims opens in York and North Yorkshire this week – womensgrid

Women to be allowed to serve on submarines – MoD

Abortions do not increase chances of mental illness, says survey – Guardian

The fashion industry should not be allowed to sell us fake women’s bodies – Guardian

Muff March – Guardian

Thoughts on Muff March – Feminist Ire

Banning prostitution in France will ‘endanger lives’ – France24

Cops charge women with self-abortion after finding her stillborn baby in trash – Gothamist

Cut the snarky fashion judgement crap – Fat Heffalump

Bodleian treasures: Suffragettes demand the vote – Channel 4

Dear Parks & Rec – Shakesville

Gael García-Bernal Feminista.jpg

Gael García-Bernal Feminista

Women and economic opportunity: international comparison – Sociological Images

Stream the Le Tigre documentary here

The women who rioted – Guardian

Turkey: making mosques a place for women – EurasiaNet

Forced marriage ‘to be a crime’ – Independent

Unreal faces and bodies: should the truth about photoshopped fashion photos be exposed? – AlterNet

All change! (trans need not apply) – Jane Fae

Photo of start of girls’ snowshoe race from Powerhouse Museum

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