Welcome to our December guest bloggers


From now through till summer 2012 we’ll be running another programme of guest bloggers, one or two per month, kicking off this month with Ray Filar and Chloe Miriam.

Ray Filar is a feminist blogger and freelance journalist, interested mainly in politics, gender and sexuality. She is currently also a graduate student in Gender Studies at the University of Cambridge. She writes a strident feminist blog called ‘Political Correctness Gone Mad‘. You can follow her twitter on @rayfilar.

Chloe is a feminist, would be archaeologist and ‘looks fine’ but mostly isn’t. She blogs about her issues with Depression and mental health. She is active with Merseyside Women’s Movement and enjoys waving a banner or two and participating in Merseyside women’s movement’s regular (ish) theatrical performances. In her spare time she reads a lot and thinks too much.

They’ll be posting over the month of December and we’re really looking forward to seeing what they have to say; please make them welcome!

Picture by Express Monorail, shared under a Creative Commons license. It shows a hedge trimmed in the shape of the character ‘Lumiere’ from the Disney film ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (who sings the song ‘Be Our Guest’).