Welcome to January’s guest bloggers


Please give a warm welcome to January’s guest bloggers, Natalie Dzerins and katyha.

Natalie is a law graduate who’s interests lie in ultra-left politics and punk music. She usually writes at Forty Shades of Grey and spends a lot of time on Twitter as @TheNatFantastic. Although currently unemployed, she dreams of the day when someone will pay her to tell people why they are wrong on the internet.

“katyha is Kate Harrad, a feminist, cisgendered female writer, bisexual activist and mother. She blogs at Fausterella, her own site, and for the Huffington Post under her own name, and also writes for socialist site Choler.co.uk as a guest blogger. Topics tend to revolve around her own obsessions: books, writing, musicals, parenting, how people work, religious extremism, social politics. Her alt-culture novel All Lies and Jest was published this year by Ghostwood Books (http://gwdbooks.com), and she’s self-published a book of short stories (also called Fausterella) and a genderswitched version of Pride and Prejudice.”

Also please join us in thanking Ray Filar and Chloe Miriam for their guest blog posts during December.

Picture by Express Monorail, shared under a Creative Commons license. It shows a hedge trimmed in the shape of the character ‘Lumiere’ from the Disney film ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (who sings the song ‘Be Our Guest’).