Welcome to February’s guest bloggers

Feminist cookie.jpg

Please welcome our brand new guest bloggers for February, Harriet S H and Breish Rowe.

Harriet S H is the founder and Chair of YouFem, a youth feminist group based in London that seeks to keep young women’s issues on the agenda, and to involve young people in feminism. Harriet blogs regularly for the YouFem blog, oversees campaigns, and haphazardly organizes YouFem meetings at her local pub in Islington. A politics-addict throughout her teens, she’s been an active proponent of women’s issues since a peer first told her to “get back into the kitchen”. She’s currently in her final year of school and has applied to university to study English Literature.

Breish is a psychology graduate from Durham University, who has spent the last few years wondering what the heck to do with her life. A life-long feminist, she rediscovered her passion for the movement intellectually (having always been one in practice), and has set up a feminist group for deaf women. Her mission in life now is to empower women and to re-educate society while tackling access issues for deaf people. A tall order perhaps, but she’s gonna do it!

Thanks so much to Natalie Dzerins and Katy Harrad (AKA katyha) for their contributions during January.

Image, by Flickr user crl!, shows a cookie in the shape of a female symbol, iced red, on a pink plate. It is shared under a creative commons license.