Ah, the sweet smell of everyday sexism

Last week, I called our gas and electricity supplier, EDF, to reduce our direct debit payments, because we’ve been paying too much (result!). I also asked them to change my title from “Miss” to “Ms”. I couldn’t remember whether I’d specified my title when we moved in to our new house, so I didn’t make a big thing of it.

A couple of days later, a letter comes through our door addressed to “Mr My Partner’s Name and Miss Jayne My Surname”, confirming the reduction, but stating the incorrect amount. The salutation reads: “Dear Mr My Partner’s Name”.

Pissed off that they had not only ignored my request and got the amount we wanted to pay wrong, but addressed the letter only to my partner – despite the fact that I was the one who called them and the account is in both our names – I called them again on Monday. I spoke to a different person, and politely pointed out the errors and said I’d appreciate it if any further correspondence could be addressed to both me and my partner. The guy apologised and said he’d fix it.

And guess what I just received through the post? Yep, I’m “Miss” in the address and totally absent from the letter itself. I was willing to write the first occasion off as an admin error, but twice constitutes a dismal failure to offer me even the most basic courtesy. Maybe they just wanted to save me from having to worry my pretty little head about financial matters.

If my poor feminine brain could cope with the figures, I’d be straight onto a comparison website and looking for a new supplier. But instead I’d better go finish the housework so I have time to doll myself up before my husband comes home and gives me my pin money…

Photo by torres21, shared under a Creative Commons Licence.

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