International Women’s Day Short Film


To bring the UK’s attention to this year’s International Women’s Day, we decided to create a short film that would give an insight into the lives of 19 different women of all different ages, races and walks of life.

Some we knew, some we met through friends and some we cornered in public places and begged for help.

The video was filmed over two days and allowed us to interview a variety of women from far-flung places such as Botswana, Russia, Sri Lanka and India.

All of these women now live in Scotland, and we wanted to celebrate their unique experiences and our country’s melting pot of cultures, while hearing heart-wrenching, touching and funny stories about different women’s lives.

The result, we hope you agree, is extremely moving, and we want to thank all the beautiful women who shared their struggles, their fears and their hopes with us so we could bring this film to you.

We hope you like it,

Aimee and Rachael.