Women_Mujeres Spanish Film Festival

This is a guest post by Ly Freixes, Director of the Women_Mujeres Spanish Film Festival.

Promotional poster for the festival, featuring a topless white woman facing away from the camera, long hair down her back, pulling a white blindfold from her eyes.Women_Mujeres Spanish Film Festival is a collection of contemporary Spanish movies, which have been directed either by women or men, that present an overview of the situation of women in Spain 35 years after Franco’s dictatorship. I have put together seven recent films that will show the audience that there is still a lot of work to do in terms of gender equality in Spain. The point of view changes in each film.

From Thursday 8th to Saturday 10th March, all the films selected are made in a realistic way. Then, on Sunday Closing Night, we will have the opportunity to enjoy two excellent art house movies: Woman Without Piano (Mujer sin Piano) and Three Days With the Family (Tres dies amb la família), the only one in Catalan with English subtitles.

In addition to these works, the festival will also feature a number of astounding British short films related to gender equality.

W_M is an invitation to reflect together on today’s female and also male roles in society, because both are essential and equal.

W_M is a Spanish & British cinematic meeting, but supranational at same time.

W_M is born from the desire to overcome unfair barriers caused by inequality.

W_M is a cry for dignity for every single human being in the world.

W_M is an opportunity to meet new enthusiastic and creative talents who have come together to make this festival a reality.

W_M is one way among thousands to show that culture and education are the best vehicles to make people free.

W_M is a global project developed with patience, perseverance, commitment, hope and lots of love.

W_M is, last but not least, a dream come true.

A cine forum / Q&A will be hosted after each exhibition, because I really wanted W_M to become a whole inspirational cinematic and social experience to remember.

Screenings will take place in London from Thursday 8th March, International Women’s Day, to Sunday 11th March. Please see our website for screening times and further information.