Weekly round-up and open thread

Time for our weekly round-up of links and an open thread – feel free to add links to stuff we missed!

As ever, linking equals interest not necessarily endorsement.

Abortion and disabled children: a tale of two Care Quality Commission reports – Guardian CiF

40 Days Spreads to the UK – Feminists for Choice

Dominique Strauss-Kahn charged over alleged links with prostitution ring – Guardian

Female school teacher murdered in Baghlan province, Afghanistan – Khaama Press

Paralympian Baroness Grey-Thompson suffers online abuse over train trouble (BBC News)

I lost my job as a teacher because I was once a call girl – Guardian

Why the MPAA doesn’t want your kid to see “Bully” – Salon.com

Visi(bi)lity: A Tale of Two Alexes: Bi Coming-of-Age Narratives – Bitch Media

Poet Adrienne Rich, 82, has died – LA Times

adrienne rich and amy ray syndrome (on Adrienne Rich’s transphobia) – erica, inchoate

Congresswoman Shares Rape Experiences on House Floor in Defence of VAWA – The Jane Dough

Libra ad complaint “settled” Authority rules – GayNZ (see Helen’s January post for the background)

Deconstruction: Misogyny Masquerading As Misandry – Ana Mardoll’s Ramblings

Liberian journalist urges women to speak out on excision – New Narratives

Arrested at Hospital for Demanding Medical Care, Woman Dies in Jail Cell – The Curvature

‘Daggering’ is dirty but it’s what kids do – Guardian Cif

Mothers, stop moaning! – Guardian …and a response – Letters From Ladycurd

Dutch design challenges Fifa’s football hijab ban – BBC News Europe

Girls, interrupted: Revealed – the true cost of low self-esteem – Independent

Single mothers: ‘A feckless actor in this dysfunctional drama’ – BirdCage

“Good women need our help, bad women need to be punished” — Learning about Sex Workers’ Rights in South Korea – The Grand Narrative

Why Do We Abort? – Left at the Lights

Feminism Must Be Led by Love, or Not At All – Transmeditation’s Blog

How National Cleavage Day Empowered Us All – The Vagenda

Suu Kyi wins parliament seat in historic Myanmar election, party says – MSN News

Anti-abortion climate ‘will deter new generation of doctors’ – Guardian

Special report: Pro-lifers target Brighton clinic – The Argus

Crawling off a train: disability in the UK in 2012 – Women’s Views on News

Swedish boys’ new hero: pram-pushing Spiderman – The Local

Women hit by council job cuts – GMB @ Work


Image by casi.lila, shared under a Creative Commons licence.