Guest bloggers for May


Heya lovely F-worders!

We’ve got a double showing for you this month in terms of guest bloggers.

First we have Julian Norman. Julian is a lawyer, a feminist, an activist, an armchair politician and aspiring mad cat woman. She is involved in the organisation of London’s annual Reclaim the Night march, and is one of the inaugural members of the Feminist Lawyers Group. She runs the blog, administrates the London Feminist Network’s online forum and tweets as @londonfeminist.

Next we have Lucy Fenner. Lucy Fenner is an English literature graduate of Cardiff University, where she focused on feminist theory and contemporary womens’ writing. She is a would-be writer and is currently starting work on a feminist, post-colonial, dystopian novel. She spends most of her time trying to overturn and undermine gender stereotypes and is especially interested in the concept of gender as performative. Her literary and feminist icons include: Anglea Carter, Sarah Waters, Jeanette Winterson, Margaret Atwood and Marjorie Garber.

Please give our guest bloggers a warm welcome!

Picture is of a stone flower taken in Rome by Josephine Tsui. Please ask permission before reprinting.