Weekly Round-Up and Open Thread 11th June

A balloon from the inside

Welcome to this week’s round-up of links to stories we didn’t quite get around to blogging about! Please dig in, also feel free to leave more links in the comments and have a general chat.

As always, linking to a particular blog post or story does not imply endorsement.

Fertility, Gender, Sterilisation, Womanhood (Tiger Beatdown)

Misogyny in Gay Rhetoric

The fine line between ‘obedience’ and rape in North Korea

Janet Jackson to make documentary about transgender community (Guardian Music)

Growing up loving a working mother (The Feminist Wire)

The Femisphere: Trans Feminist Bloggers, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 (Ms. Magazine Blog)

Monsters I Have Loved

Prostitution and the commercial value of youth (Free Irish Woman)

Taxing Strip Clubs for Rape? What’s Wrong With This Picture?

The war on drugs has become a war on women (Feministing)

Birth: a changing scene. Part I: Images of home birth in the Wellcome Library

Greek Golden Dawn MP assaults female politicians on TV talkshow (Guardian/News)

Moscow bans Pride for 100 years (Pink Paper)

Danish parliament approves equal marriage laws (Pink News)

Why asking readers to score E3 booth babes is a disservice to the industry

Facebook to release ID of users who abused woman online (BBC News)

This fathers’ day, why not give him flowers? (Glosswitch)

Met police urge rape victims to come forward as new detective arrested (Guardian/News)

It’s not a revolution for those left behind (Women Under Siege, on Egypt)

After years of calling us rape victims liars, the Met police have finally relented (Liberal Conspiracy)

Olympics struggle with “policing femininity” (Toronto Star)

Egyptian protesters against sexual assault are sexually assaulted (New Statesman blogs)

Uncomfortable in our skin: the body-image report (The Observer)

Feminist Plus on how to be a good ally

Why I won’t be at TAM this year

How the internet killed porn

or alternatively…

Porn is in rude health

Olympics crackdown on sex trade condemned by Stop the Arrests

Scholastic apologized for their horribly sexist books! (sort of…)

And finally, this video has been doing the rounds. Enjoy!

Photo by Heartlover1717, shared on Flickr under a Creative Commons license