Weekly round-up and open thread

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Welcome to this week’s round-up and open thread. The following are links that we have found that might interest you. If you have found anything that you think other readers will enjoy please add links in the comments section below. As usual, please note that a link here doesn’t imply endorsement or agreement, and some links might be triggering.

Five trans role models (Guardian)

Anita Sarkeesian’s project to expose stereotypes in video games attracts a maelstrom of hate (New Statesman)

A life in writing: Selma James, the founder of Wages for Housework (Guardian Books)

A sad day for all women in sport: Deborah Malcom reports on the Lingerie Football League (Melinda Tankard Reist)

When Durex stopped making sex sexy: the rise of violent advertisements (Olenska)

Trigger warning: The use and abuse of honour based violence in the UK. (Open Democracy)

Why linked liberation is integral to feminism (Black Feminists)

Canada best G20 country to be a woman, India worst (Reuters)

Is “Fitspo” the new Thinspo? (XOJane)

BT Blocks Access To Disability Rights Website (Tech Week Europe)

When your jaw hits the floor (Simply Hayley)

Lara Croft attempted rape will make Tomb Raider players want to “protect” her (Eurogamer)

India woman athlete arrested on ‘rape’ charges (BBC News)

Judge rules that anorexic woman should be fed against will (The Independent/Health)

Thin Privilege and Disability (Redefining Body Image)

Vaginagate: US politician banned for saying ‘vagina’ in abortion bill debate (The Guardian)

Feminist activists reported to have been kidnapped in Ukraine (Guardian)

2012 Women In Film Awards: Meryl Streep Calls For More Women In Hollywood (Huffington Post)

Suu Kyi accepts Nobel Prize (Irish Times)

Fathers day cards are crap! (Love and Zombies)

Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman. Especially when you’re made out of pixels (Guardian)

Picture shows a clematis bush with light pink flowers in full bloom. Picture taken by doc(q)man, shared under a Creative Commons License.