New review: By the sea, beneath the sea

Tracey Emin returns to the town of her childhood for a major solo exhibition. Joanne Matthews considers whether it is a must-see

Tracey Emin 3.gifThe Turner Contemporary opened just last year, by the sea in Margate. Appropriately enough, it is currently showing an exhibition of Tracey Emin’s work, called She Lay Down Deep Beneath The Sea.

Emin has been in the public consciousness for several years now, courting controversy with pieces such as ‘Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1969-1995’, a tent covered in names, and ‘My Bed’, an installation of her own unmade bed, including used condoms and blood-stained underwear.

Joanne Matthews visited the exhibition, and saw that Emin’s work has moved on from the shocking statements that made her name as a Young British Artist. But what has her shift in focus done for her art?

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