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The inspiration for this (ever extending) music themed blog series was The Guardian online’s ongoing ‘Old Song Of The Day’ series. Every day The Guardian posts a short piece and accompanying YouTube clip about a specific Old Song and the result is simple but effective.

After reading a few of the posts, it wasn’t long before my mind began to wonder and I began to speculate as to the possibility of compiling an alternative feminist pop cultural response for The F-Word blog. Tentatively I shared my idea for our own Song of the day series (we’ve dispensed with the old, though most of it is old) with Holly over the phone.

The series is starting today and will run until the end of the summer and possibly into October if we find the time to finalise more posts, as we’re still writing and researching, having been well and truly bitten by the bug.

For your music listening pleasure we will be providing a selection of songs from the 1940s through to 2012, in a wide range of musical genres from pop to punk, funk to folk, rockabilly to riot grrrl, swing to sunshine pop, new jill swing to new wave, and the proverbial ‘more’.

Not every song or artist we’ve selected is explicitly feminist in nature, but we’ve included songs we feel F-Word readers will enjoy or find interesting. Some of the songs have been adopted as women’s songs, some are generally stroppy and/or are concerned with social issues that interact with feminism and women’s issues, some are purely feel good songs.

What follows is in no way a definitive or canonical list: it’s a selection of songs we wanted to write about, and felt able to say something about. During the course of writing the posts, we have found that these two things are not always compatible. As with all selections we have been influenced by our own musical tastes but we’ve also looked around to find acts and producers who we may have missed before and, as with the playlists, this has led to us both discovering brilliant music we were unaware of before .

Feel free to feedback on our selections and on the series at large and (hopefully) enjoy the music.

Image of a young girl wearing headphones. By macattck and used via a flickr creative commons licence