Weekly round up and open thread

Welcome to this week’s round-up of stories and articles of interest from the last week. As ever, inclusion does not imply endorsement. Feel free to add anything we’ve missed in comments!

Portrait of Maeve Binchy, including the text

In the news:

  • Author Maeve Binchy dies aged 72 (BBC News)
  • Forced marriages blight the lives of those with learning disabilities (Guardian)
  • Coaching not quotas is key to achieving boardroom balance in UK life sciences (HR Review)
  • What if every sport was photographed like beach volleyball? (Metro New York)
  • The second in a five part series on ‘Africa’s Propaganda Trail’ by Martin Robbins in The Guardian; ‘Kidnapped at Birth’ looks at issues around maternity service provision and funding in Kenya
  • West Mercia Police have apologised in response to widespread criticsm of their victim-blaming anti-rape campaign (as covered by Pippa last week), (BBC News)
  • As Pussy Riot’s trial begins, Putin’s opposition grows stronger (Independent)
  • New research shows girls as young as six want to be ‘sexy’ (Live Science)
  • US women begin receiving free birth control (New Scientist)

Blogs and comment:

  • Prof. LD: What is “Sex Critical” and why should we care about it? (a new blog, Sex Critical, about moving beyond the binary of rad-fem or ‘sex-positive’ analysis)
  • Michel Kazatchkind, newly appointed UN Special Envoy for HIV/Aids in Easern Europe and Central Asia: Why are Human Rights so Central to the AIDS Response in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Everywhere Else? (RH Reality Check)
  • Spectra: Love and Afrofeminism: Queer Bois and the Gendered Politics of Partner Dancing (Spectra Speaks)
  • The Melissa A. Fabello Guide to Hollering Back – Effectively (at ToughxCookies)
  • Colleen Osborne, Debra Miller, and Gina Barber: Taking Back ‘the F Word’ (Feminist Campus)
  • Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: If girls are aping Kate and Kim we’re in trouble (Independent)
  • Zainab Magdy: Undressing Um Ahmad: Egyptian women between the bikini and the burquaa’ (openDemocracy)
  • “My R.E. teacher taught about the ‘evils’ of aborting a fetus” (former guest bloggers, Education for Choice)
  • Ilona Burton: The staggering cost of eating disorders in England (Independent blogs)
  • Dr Black: Stop blaming the women!
  • Andrew M. Brown: Women’s judo: it’s disturbing to watch these girls beat each other up (Telegraph Blogs)
  • Jessica Valenti: The Upside of Ugly (The Nation)
  • Justin “Filthy Liberal Scum” Rosario: How to spot and out a pro-lifer that really just hates women and sex (Addicting Info)
  • If Maeve Binchy had been a father (the Telegraph, via Regender.com)
  • kdotcdot: Defcon, hackers and the red/yellow card project (Singlevoice.net)

Last but not least:

  • Our very own Pippa, in the Independent: Bad attitudes do not cause disability any more than good attitudes guarantee health

Portrait of Maeve Binchy shared under a creative commons license by flickr user UggBoy♥UggGirl