All change

It is all change at the moment on The F-Word’s volunteer staff. I’m really sad to say goodbye to both Iman Qureshi, who is stepping down as fiction editor, and Charlene Moore, who is stepping down as non-fiction editor.


Both Iman and Charlene have done a fantastic job in nurturing our book reviews. The work of an editor is carried out behind the scenes – in finding the interesting works to review, finding a broad and diverse group of reviewers, and in painstakingly working with contributors to make their article the best it can be.

If you’ve reviewed a book for us recently, of course you’ll have come to know Iman and Charlene, but most readers are not aware of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

So I want to give a massive thank you to both of them for the hard work they’ve put in!

Jolene Tan, who you might recognise as one of our regular bloggers since 2010, and member of The F-Word collective, has taken over as fiction editor:


Jolene is interested in a wide range of feminist and human rights issues, including penal reform, migrant workers’ rights and secularism. She is a core team member of No To Rape, the volunteer-led campaign for the complete abolition of marital immunity for rape in Singapore. She was born and grew up in Singapore, and currently lives in Germany, after spending several years in the UK. She loves novels, bunnies, bouldering, hiking and board games.

And last but not least, we have two new features editors to announce: Antonia Houghton and Asiya Islam! Here is a little bit more about them:


Originally from Blackpool, spawned from a family of politically minded women, Antonia was thrusted into feminist debates at an early age.

She is a journalism and sociology graduate from Salford University and has recently moved from Manchester to London to see if the streets are really paved with gold. During her time in Manchester she was involved with Manchester International Women’s Day and worked as a content editor for arts website

A lifelong feminist with a passion for politics, Antonia loves nothing more than drinking tea with friends and putting the world to rights.

When not putting the world to rights, Antonia enjoys wasting her time playing computer games and dancing around to 1940s swing in her bedroom.


Asiya takes pride in being a feminist and is angry with most things most of the time. She moved from India to London in 2009 for a masters in gender, media and culture at the London School of Economics.

Asiya worked at the Fawcett Society briefly while studying for her degree and, after finishing her Master’s in 2010, joined the equality and diversity team at LSE, where she continues to work. Asiya has written for The Guardian and Women’s Views on News previously. She likes to sporadically blog at Why am I a Feminist when she is especially enraged, frustrated or shocked. Find Asiya on Twitter @asiyaislam.

We are going to be advertising soon for a new non-fiction editor, and also for a comedy editor! So keep your eyes on the blog if you think you might be interested.