“None of these princesses get to marry another girl”

Teacher smiling at schoolboys looking at a book together.jpgGuest blogger Sarah Jones returns to update the F Word on the progress of her school’s philosophy project focusing on gender. Sarah is the co-founder of the Greenwich Free School, a new secondary school in Woolwich in southeast London. She graduated with a law degree from the University of Oxford, but decided to join TeachFirst, an organisation which sends graduates into challenging, urban schools, to teach Citizenship, Politics, Sociology and Philosophy.

Earlier this month I posted about the project my 11-year-old pupils have asked to do in their PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics) lessons. They want to investigate why men and women are different, if indeed they are.

We’ve identified a range of potential causes, and different classes have been investigating the sources they found most interesting. Here are a few of my favourite comments from the class who chose to look at the impact fairy stories might have on young children:

  • “Why is it that the women are just lying around in these stories, and the men galloping around rescuing them?”
  • “They all get married, none of them get a proper job, that’s not very aspirational.”
  • “and none of these princesses get to marry another girl – what’s that about?”

You can see more of my pupils’ work on our website.

Image courtesy of Claire Lau.