Twelve and three quarter hours of free feminist music


When looking for some Creative Commons music recently, I stumbled upon a riot grrrl compilation available on With not only 71 tracks to download for free, it also contained a link to a selection of four more free riot grrrl compilations. They are:

  1. Riot Grrrl is Not Dead: 2.5 hours of music, with 53 bands featured
  2. This is What Feminism Sounds Like: 3.5 hours of music, featuring 71 bands (this is the album which is also available on
  3. Free Pussy Riot: 2.15 hours of music, featuring 45 bands
  4. More Music – Less Macho: 2.5 hours of music, including 44 bands
  5. Mansplaining on the Dancefloor: 2 hours of music, with 35 bands.

They are provided by Riot Grrrl Berlin who originally hosted them on a service which no longer exists, so they have now made the tracks available as free (and legal!) BitTorrent downloads.

You will love some and you will hate some, but how often is such a resource of riot grrrl and feminist music so freely available? Supporting it is a great way to spread the word.

If you have your own band and want to submit music to their 6th compilation, you can do so here, the deadline being 15th April 2013.

[The image is Desdemona is a punk rocker and it was taken by Serena. It has a Bratz doll dressed in punk-style clothing playing an electric guitar. It is used under a Creative Commons Licence]