Avoid dressing like a cocktail

On the issue of rape victim blaming that Laura wrote about this morning, Nadia Kamil has created this rather fantastic video about how to avoid being hit by a drunk driver. It’s less than a minute long and you will be very glad you watched it.

Transcript and video description:

Text: “Drunk driver safety”.

[The narrator, a woman, is standing on a street in front of a terraced house. She walks towards the camera.] Most drinking happens at night, so avoid leaving your home – at night. And if you are going to stay in your home, make sure to stay in a room away from the road, in case a drunk driver smashes into the front of your home.

[Cut to narrator walking down a path in a park.] If you do have to go out, then avoid anywhere where drunk drivers may be driving. Take alleyways and park pathways.

[Cut to narrator in the driving seat of a parked car.] Avoid dressing like a beer, wine or cocktail, as a drunk driver may mistake you for an alcoholic drink. Don’t even risk dressing up like a Baileys or a Tia Maria, as a drunk driver may swerve off the road, even for a dash of sherry. [Swigs from bottle of spirits.] Be safe out there. [Turns on ignition.]

Text: “You don’t blame victims of drunk drivers. Stop blaming victims of sexual assault. 100% of rapes are the fault of the rapist.”