Weekly round-up and open thread

A day late this week, but here’s a list of links we found interesting or thought-provoking in the past week. As usual, linking does not imply endorsement of the content of the article or website in question.

We are unable to provide content notes for every link, so please exercise caution when clicking, as some content may be upsetting or triggering.

Domestic abuse: changing the conversation (Guardian, Society)

Indian gang-rape victim’s ashes scattered on river Ganges (Guardian, World)

Why mostly men at the Indian anti-rape protests? (Because women protesting might still get… groped) (Slate)

Intention vs. reality: why BMI is not just a tool (Skepchick)

Ending sexism in hacker culture: A work in progress (The Ada Initiative)

Telling our own stories (This Ain’t Livin’)

Attempting the Impossible: why does western cinema whitewash Asian stories? (Guardian, Film Blog)

Steubenville high school students joke about rape in video leaked by Anonymous (Huffington Post – link contains the video)

India rape assailants face charges amid outrage (Women’s eNews)

When is wearing make-up a “choice”? (Jezebel)

Because, whatever it is, she’s definitely lying! (Shakesville, on Hillary Clinton’s health condition)

‘Nothing for us without us’: sex workers the decision-makers in new fund (Guardian, Poverty Matters Blog)

Historically authentic sexism in fantasy. Let’s unpack that. (Tor.com)

Obesity behind the blinds (purplepersuasion)

All the real (geek) girls (Apex Magazine)

Trickle-down feminism (Dissent Magazine)

Gerda Lerner, a feminist and historian, dies at 92 (New York Times)

India’s bitter culture of rape and violence (Guardian, CiF)

Gender ideology by GEICO (Sociological Images)

Voters ‘brainwashed by Tory welfare myths’, shows new poll (Independent)

New feminism tears down walls in Brazil (IPS)

Obese and unhealthy people could face benefit cuts (Guardian)

Missing Out (Nadia watches only Bechdel-test passing films)

A post for Fanuary (I’m From Sale But I’m Not a Sailor)

Rape protests spread beyond India (Guardian, World)

Indian rape protests foretell feminist spring (India West)

The Fifty-Sixth Down Under Feminists Carnival (Zero at the Bone)

Enni Rukajärvi 2012


Japanese Constitution drafter Beate Sirota Gordon passes away at 89 (Japan Daily Press)

I try to tell myself: I am a human being. My existence is worthwhile (New Statesman, on disability benefits)

Special report: Female genital mutilation – unreported, ignored and unpunished (Independent)

Uttar Pradesh: Girl set on fire for resisting eve-teasing dies (Times of India)

On nice guys, hard truths, and the Friend Zone (girlonthenet)

2013 preview: the cultural year ahead for women (Guardian, Women)

Close-up photo of hundreds and thousands (the cake decorations!) by stevendepolo, shared under a Creative Commons licence.