New Review: Double Bind

Double Bind Cover.gif

Double Bind asks important questions of the cross sections of certain Muslim networks and women’s rights argues Jolene Tan

In a period of right wing attacks on Muslims – or people thought to be Muslims – how does one respond to human rights violations by the Muslim Right without feeding hate campaigns?

When US diplomats invoke the oppression of Muslim women to sanctify war, how do we practice feminist solidarity without strengthening Orientalism and neocolonialism?

When the US targets jihadis for assassination by drone, should human rights defenders worry about violations perpetrated by those same jihadis or focus on violations by the state?

Double Bind opens with ambitious questions. Perhaps it is optimistic to expect a 100-page volume to answer them in full, especially when the very act of asking confuses sections of the left-wing audience and therefore itself needs to be explained. But the questions invite that expectation and though writer and feminist activist Meredith Tax signposts an in-principle way forward with clarity, Double Bind would be a more effective book with more detail.

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*Please note, the standfirst has been corrected from the original publication. It should read certain Muslim networks and women’s rights rather than being Muslim and women’s rights.