Weekly round-up and open thread


When is spring coming, exactly? While we’re waiting, here’re some links to keep you occupied. As always, linking does not imply endorsement, and some links may contain disturbing content. Let us know what we’ve missed in the comments!

  • Battling feminist burnout (The Nation)
  • Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna reveals illness, reconfirms awesomeness in ‘The Punk Singer’ (Inside Movies)
  • How Etsy Attracted 500 Percent More Female Engineers (Co.labs)
  • Mid Wales Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre opens in Aberystwyth (BBC News)
  • Sexual harassment & assault in public places – does it matter? (It’s Not a Zero Sum Game)
  • Mass Civil Disobedience in North Illuminates Role Of States In Abortion Discussion (Workers Solidarity Movement)
  • If we can’t afford for people to be disabled, what’s the plan? (Guardian)
  • Can feminists wear stilettos, too? (Attachment feminism)
  • Interview with Jeremy Whitley of Princeless (Women Write About Comics)
  • Why are there so few female maths professors? (Guardian)
  • England Netball’s new mascots make me want to puke (Telegraph)
  • Men’s rights and male hysterias (Overland)
  • Over 25% of schoolgirls in South Africa are HIV positive because ‘sugar daddies are taking advantage of them’, says health minister Aaron Motsoaledi (Independent)
  • Tory councillor: Costa staff are “bitches” who “need a good beating” (Political scrapbook)
  • 5 ways we can teach men not to rape (Ebony)
  • I was beaten for saying ‘Cameron has blood on his hands’ (Liberal Conspiracy)
  • CSW: the gulf between the UN and civil society (Open Democracy)
  • DWP seeks law change to avoid benefit repayments after Poundland ruling (Guardian)
  • The inherent privilege of being a ‘slacker’ mum (crooked fences)
  • The Ethics of Alliance and Solidarity: An Exchange Between Rafia Zakaria and Meredith Tax (Dissent)
  • Toy Store to my Daughter: “Stick to Cooking and Cleaning” (Christian Christensen)
  • People with disability are more likely to be victims of violence and to suffer mental illness as a result (The Mental Elf)
  • Apply for Expert Women’s Day North (BBC)
  • CNN grieves that guilty verdict ruined ‘promising’ lives of Steubenville rapists (Raw Story)
  • Why We Still Need Feminism (Huffington Post)

    And to round things off, here’s a video of some awesome women bouldering.

    Image shows a group of people dressed as Tetris pieces. Shared courtesy of Ryan Cheung under a Creative Commons licence.