Welcoming July’s guest bloggers

It’s now July and a new month means new guest bloggers! Many thanks to Claire Askew and G.L Wild, who blogged for us last month, covering a range of subjects including gendered treatment of mental illness, the need for Doctor Who not to be white and male and calling out transphobia in the workplace.

For July, we’d like to introduce Tara and Elisa:

Tara is a queer black polyamorous intersectional fat fangirl femme feminist, who works in community events and does poetry, short stories and art writing.

Elisa is a Class Conscious Lesbian Gentleman, languishing in the Welsh countryside. She was locked away in an ivory tower at Cambridge for a while, and is now getting back to feminist basics of sisterhood, woman identification and writing angry blogposts here.

Welcome to you both!

Image description: Close up picture of a yellow Gazania (I’m not an expert on flowers but I think that’s what it is) by *0ne*, shared under a creative commons licence.

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