Weekly round up and open thread

Time for our weekly round-up of links and things! Feel free to add more, or just chat, in the comments.

As I’m putting this round-up together, the hashtag #solidarityisforwhitewomen is trending on Twitter. It’s really worth reading, and some of the highlights have been collected in a Storify.

Meanwhile, here are the links we have collected together this week. Remember, linking doesn’t imply endorsement.


‘The Spectacular Now’: Meet the ‘Nerdy Doormat Dream Girl’ (Flavorwire)

Lawyers: Illegal body cavity searches of women standard policy at Texas traffic stops (The Raw Story)

Wilson: Child abuse victim described as ‘sexual predator’ (Court News UK)

Rape Crisis appalled by treatment of 13-year-old sexual violence survivor (Rape Crisis)

Statement from CPS on case of Neil Wilson (Criminal Prosecution Service)

Hacking conference announces all-female keynote lineup (Daily Dot)

Want to help fellow survivors? You can (One Step at a Time.)

Forced to study ‘Loaded’ sexist magazine at 16 years (Hollaback! Birmingham)

Girl, 17, tried to kill herself during trial of 10 men accused of sexually exploiting her from 11 (Mirror)

The trouble with male feminism (The Guardian)

The problem with male feminists (quiteirregular)

Anarchist feminist activists claim brutality by Tunisian police (Tunisia Live)

Walking loudly and carrying a big stick: Why women are less inclined to start wars (Foreign Policy)

Women less politically aware than men (Women’s Views on News)

French woman offers breastfeeding service to gay couples (The Guardian)

Stephen Fry: Ban the Winter Olympics over Russia’s anti-gay laws (New Statesman)

The Sapphires slam ‘sexist, racist’ cover of film (Tone Deaf Music)

Dear survivors (Free Thought Blogs)

East London Suffragettes Festival

Porn filters: 12 reasons why they won’t work (and 3 reasons why they might) ( The Guardian)

Life at any price (Al Jazeera)

Women choose body art over reconstruction after cancer battle (The Guardian)

Naked women in pop videos: art, misogyny or downright cynical? (The Guardian)

Boob Jam could change the way you look at breasts in video games (The Daily Dot)

Remorseful burglars return stolen computers to sexual assault center (Mashable)

Unpacking transphobia in feminism (The Transadvocate)

To men who threaten women online, “Invisible Men”. (OKWonga.com)

So you’re a minority who said something fucked up? (EightEights)

Silent epidemic of discrimination against working mothers (Unison)

Ladies, comics are not for you (io9)

An in-depth look at how “Orange Is the New Black” compares to real life (Bitch)

Four great female-fronted bands you should see live (Bitch)

Mistress Magpie: On sexuality, feminism and moral outrage (International Socialist Network)

How to talk to your daughter about her body (Huffington Post)

An open letter to Carol Vorderman (Pipopotamus)

Hey skinny! Fat activism is not always about you! (Obesity Timebomb)

Dear daughter: I hope you have awesome sex (The Good Men Project)

And, finally, the video for ‘Turtle Neck’ by Bosnian Rainbows:

(The band explain that the video is made up of photos taken during a tour.)

Photo of a baby elephant, with family, by Ken Douglas, shared on Flickr under a Creative Commons license