Weekly round-up and open thread

Tessellated bird pattern.jpgGood morning! Here’s your weekly dose of linkage. Please remember that linking does not equal endorsement, and that some links may have disturbing content. If we’ve missed anything, please share in the comments!

  • Benefit cap is failing to achieve its aims, study concludes (The Guardian)
  • The Great British Bake Off: why did our show attract so much vitriol? (Guardian CiF)
  • Wanna Touch a Black Woman’s Hair? This Short Film Explores Why (Colorlines)
  • Shackled and pregnant: Wis. case challenges ‘fetal protection’ law (NBC News)
  • It’s Not You, It’s Me: Why I Took a Break from Feminism (PolicyMic)
  • 7 Cowardly Words From A Totally Sexist Stranger Sparked This Courageous Response (Upworthy)
  • “You’re pretty for a dark-skinned girl” (Media Diversity UK)
  • Another Sex/Gender Controversy (Skepchick)
  • The World’s Worst Punishment for Rape? (Avaaz)
  • Female cosplayers share their creeper stories through photos (The Mary Sue)
  • The Liberal Conspiracy is coming to an end (in its current form) (Liberal Conspiracy)
  • Angela Davis – Freedom is a Constant Struggle: Closures and Continuities (Backdoor Broadcasting Company)
  • A remarkable account of Savita’s death (The Irish Times)
  • AR Wear’s Anti-Rape Clothing: Just another chastity belt (Ending Victimisation and Blame)
  • Rape case referrals to CPS reach five-year low (BBC News)

    Image shows a tessellated bird pattern, used under a Creative Commons licence thanks to Sharon Drummond.