Weekly round-up and open thread

It’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and the start of the 16 Days of Activism; here is this week’s round-up of links to interesting content we came across in the last week.

Just because it’s included doesn’t mean we endorse it though, and please be aware that some of the content could be upsetting.

Please feel free to let us know what you think about any of it or start a chat on a feminist-y thing on your mind, or add your own links too, via the comments.

A Day In the Life of an Empowered Female Heroine (The Toast)

Law change bid to cut use of rape victims’ sexual history (Scotsman)

Sorry, but being a mother is not the most important job in the world (Guardian, CiF)

Home Office issues ‘end of life plan’ to hunger-striking asylum seeker (Guardian)

UNHCR concerned at reports that asylum seekers, including Syrians, denied entry to some EU countries (Reuters)

Jane Austen temporary tattoos (mcphee)

My daughter writes to Lego (abovetheinternet)

Petition: The alleged sexual abuse of vulnerable women by Serco staff must stop. (sumofus)

Men and Women! They Talk Like People! (The Society Pages)

English Has a New Preposition, Because Internet (The Atlantic)

An observation about rape culture and our racial histories (Red Light Politics)

The Left and Rape: Why we should all be ashamed of the Left’s role in covering up the rape of 2 million women. (Facing Reality)

Hiding behind niceness (about disablism and having to ‘educate’ non-disabled ppl) (abc.net)

On Labeling Women ‘Crazy‘ (HuffPo)

Just one in 18 guests to David Cameron are women (Political Scrapbook)

(Includes descriptions of transphobic violence) Suspect in beating death of transgender woman walks (NY Daily News)

238 names (Transgriot, on TDoR)

Muslim women more likely to suffer Islamophobic attacks than men – study (Guardian)

Your medical records – now on sale (Light Blue Touchpaper)

The Radical Politics of #selfies (The Feminist Griote)

Being My Friend Does Not Make You A Hero (Claiming Crip)

Charlie King-Miller Contemplates Pregnancy As A Future Butch Dad (MUTHA Magazine)

UK MEP Nikki Sinclaire revealed she was trans over fears of being outed by UKIP (Gay Star News)

Gothenburg teens in new ‘slut shaming’ attack (The Local)

A third of young women feel they ‘cannot cope’ (Guardian, Observer)

Why we are calling for the government to ratify the Istanbul Convention (Touchstone)

Tributes pour in for ‘brave’ Worthing woman found dead in flat (The Argus)

(Includes graphic pictures) Two gunshots on a summer night (New York Times)

War on Welfare petition calling for a cumulative impact assessment of welfare reform and a new deal for sick and disabled people based on their needs, abilities and ambitions requires 7000 more signatures by 12 December to be debated in Parliament

We Need to Talk about Violence Against Women. No, not Later. Now. (Scriptonite Daily)

California trans law ‘unlikely’ to qualify for referendum (Washington Blade)

Nice Guys™ and Feminism (Gradient Lair)

(Includes discussion on rape/sexual abuse) Four Adults Charged With Helping Cover Up The Steubenville Rape Case (Think Progress)

(Includes description of transphobic violence) Trans Murder in South Side Not Being Investigated as a Hate Crime (GayRVA)

Rape victims ‘convinced to drop allegations’ by police says officer (Women’s Grid)

New service for rape and sexual violence victims in Avon and Somerset (Chard and Ilminster News)

The ‘Guybrator’ and other new man-words (Telegraph)

Women ‘held as slaves for 30 years’ (BBC News)

Female MPs fear being ‘derided’ in Commons due to their high-pitched voices (Telegraph)

Image of zebras on a carousel/merry-go-round, by Montgomery County Planning Commission, shared under a Creative Commons license